Chicago baseball fans deserve a Cubs-White Sox subway World Series

Not only do Chicago baseball fans deserve a Cubs-White Sox subway World Series, but they need to demand one. Here are two of Major League Baseball's oldest, legacy teams and in their entire history, they've only met once in a World Series once. Just once! Inexcusable.

That was in 1907, when, incidentally, the Sox--known as the "hitless wonders" because of their atrocious .230 team batting average--upset the mighty Cubs in six games. The Cubs had been the favorites because it had the  highest regular-season win total (116) and winning percentage (.763) in the Majors prior to the 154-game season.

But that was then--an astonishing 110 years ago--and this is now. Now, when both the Cubs and the White Sox have had the best season starts in years upon years and there is no living memory of the last classic World Series match. Paul Sullivan sums it up well in his Chicago Tribune column, "If they keep this up, Cubs, White Sox can make this summer to remember."

A crosstown/subway World Series ought to be more than wishful thinking. We damn well deserve it. In my youth, the New York cubs soxYankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers played in the World Series so often that a child could get the impression that New York City owned it. As a child then, it was frustrating as hell. And there was absolutely no expectation that there'd be a subway series because the Cubs stunk beyond belief.  The best that Jack Brickhouse could do to lure fans out to the nearly deserted Wrigley Field was to pitch the locale as a site for a picnic in the world's most beautiful ballpark.

We, Chicago baseball fans of both loyalties, are righteous in our demand. The Cubs and White Sox rivalries in our memories have been hollow contests, without much meaning. The Cubs and the White Sox, battling for Major League Baseball's highest prize, is necessary to demonstrate that Chicago is America's best sports town. We know it, but the world doesn't.

So, let the bar fights begin over which team, the Cubs or the White Sox, are  better. Let social media heat up to Bessemer furnace heights with insults, ridiculous claims and death threats blowing up the digital ether. Let there be interventions, to set minds straight. Send out posses to smoke out North Side White Sox fans and South Side Cubs fans from their hiding places. Send in the Great Unifier (Donald Trump) to try to restore some semblance of order and peace.

I had naively suggested at the start of last year's season that a subway World Series was a possibility.  My White Sox blew it while the Cubs almost made it. This year, let no one blow it. Or else. This year, I'm not going to fantasize; I'm going to demand it.

Next up: Bring back the National Football League Cardinals, who started in Chicago and which Papa Bear George Halas drove out of town. Maybe a crosstown rivalry between the Bears and Cardinals would stoke the necessary fire under the Bears.

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  • Both teams are poised to do well this season. The new playoff format opened the World Series to all teams. For every 16 years both Chicago teams win their respective divisions, they should meet once in the WS. If they both win wild cards, it would be expected to take 64 years. Factoring in missing the playoffs, it could easily take 110 years.

  • Yikes! I don't have another 110 years to wait.

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