White liberals are nearly as blind to their racism as ever before

This is a response to the Chicago Tribune op-ed, "White Americans are nearly as blind to their racism as ever before." I've read it and I'm not sure of what Jim Grimsley is saying except that whites still are racist, despite all

Jim Grimsley

Jim Grimsley

the progress that has been made over the last half century.

On second thought, this op-ed is so inflammatory and ridiculous, it doesn't need a response. It's typical white (liberal) trash. It speaks for itself, and what is says is quite disconnected and unreal. Let's move on.

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  • He is much the same as many of the white liberals who wrtie and post on Chicagonow: smug, arrogant, consescending and intellectually dishonest. A hobby of mine is just calling them out when I can be bothered, for they don't see the plank in their own eyes. I'm not nice about it, and call the person just what they are. They think I'm crazy; so be it.

    They see skin color first and then a person somewhere down in the mix. They preach tolerance yet literally cheer when a Supreme Court justice, a human being, dies, just because they don't share the same philosophical views. Rather than tolerate, they want to eliminate --even to the point of shutting that person up for good or, more darkly, hoping that the more violent among them will kill the person.

    Most of these liberals are writing or opining from lily white enclaves, where they see only their own kind and huddle together like a school of fish. I am sure Grimsley has never spent ANY time on the south or west sides without a media gaggle with him. My guess is he couldn't find Roseland on the map.

  • 'Me oh my oh', yes this man would definitely fit right in with the ChicagoNow hair shirt crowd. Wonder how Jim escaped the family culling?

    Apparently the 'Sun Times effect' has already begun at the Trib, maybe it's time our subscription followed the WSJ and National Review into the dust bin. Anyway, at least the comment section on that piece was worth the price of admission.

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