Mr. Bill: 'Oh, no! Climate change is spreading the Zika virus'

So, how long did that take? Few of us had heard of the Zika virus until a few weeks ago.

But it didn't take long for the media to ramp up jitters to an all-out panic that the virus that causes grotesque birth defects and long-term neurological problems is heading our way. The thinking is that global warming  climate change is ballooning the breeding grounds for the mosquitoes that carry the disease.

It's the new pandemic! The disease is spreading explosively!

Until it isn't.

Not that the virus shouldn't be taken seriously. But jumping on the bandwagon that blames  global

Climate change marchers: We don't need no stinking science. (Michael Tercha / Chicago Tribune)

Climate change marchers: We don't need no stinking science. (Michael Tercha / Chicago Tribune)

warming climate change for just about everything is crappy journalism and goofy science. Take Melanie Harken writing in something called "take":

Global travel and climate change are creating conditions perfectly designed to increase that mosquito’s breeding potential and lengthen its biting season, leading scientists to use the term “pandemic” to describe the Zika virus’ potential for destruction.

But her own article quotes scientists being cautious about a causal link between warming and the spread of Zika:

Then there’s El Niño, which is heating up temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, especially along the coast of South and Central America. “It’s interesting that it coincides with spread of Zika. Whether they’re all causally related we don’t know, but it’s certainly important to follow up on,”  [Peter] Hotez [dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor University in Houston] said. [My emphasis]

Hotter' caution (and the lack of evidence of a causal link in the rest of the article) does not justify setting off the sirens about "yet another" proof of the dangers of global warming climate change. But here comes Climate Nexus, a well-funded (by who?) propaganda arm global warming climate change alarmists.

Here's a snippet of the group's latest "hot news":

Zika Spread Triggers Climate Concerns: As the Zika virus extends quickly through Latin America, many are pointing to climate change as one of the many factors in the disease’s explosive spread. The virus has been linked to thousands of birth defects in Latin America, and could spread further north over the next few months due to unusually warm and wet conditions. Mosquitos, which carry a variety of major infectious diseases including Zika, thrive in these climates. With global temperatures rising due to climate change, the spread of mosquitoes and the diseases they carry is likely, scientists say. Increased flooding can also breed more mosquito-borne disease.

I've emphasized the "many" and "scientists" in the above quote because they need to be named. Climate Nexus, in its blast email, provides the following links to support the above statement. See if you can find in them any kind of statement of causation beyond, well, the possibility. But without defining the degree of likelihood.

(New York Times, Andrew Revkin column $, National Geographic, David Quammen columnTake Part, Melanie Haiken columnTIME, Justin Worland columnSlate, Eric Holthaus columnWashington Post editorial $, Bloomberg editorial)

Because Climate Nexus hasn't, I'll state its complete hypothesis: The Zeka virus is spread by mosquitos in warmer climes; the warmer climes are increasing because of global warming climate change; the climate is warming/changing because of higher concentrations of CO2; manmade activities are causing the higher concentrations. Ergo....well, you know the rest.

The scientific method does not tolerate the kind of abuse that global warming climate change alarmists are using. Whether it's droughts or floods, hurricanes or unusually cold weather, every blip and burp in the weather is deployed to "prove" that global warming climate change is manmade.

Science deserves more respect. A scientific theory that "proves" everything proves nothing.

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