Thank Obama, progressives for Donald Trump

Gee, Mr. President, thanks for giving us Donald Trump. Thanks also go to the legions of progressives whose radical, left-wing falderal and politically correct demands have brought out the worst in Americans.

That would be Donald Trump.

Is there anyone alive who can remember when the collective American intelligence has been so thoroughly assaulted by such autocratic goofiness and unsubstantiated ravings? When have Americans ever taken so seriously a man who talks through his hat?

There are his ridiculous claims that “thousands” of terrorist sympathizers (“I saw it. It was on television.”) in New Jersey cheered the 9-11 destruction of the Twin Towers. His wildly inaccurate assertion that blacks kill 81 percent of white homicide victims. His fantasy that he’d get Mexico to pay for a “great wall” guarding our border. His incredible promise that he could hustle 11 million people out of the country. His demand to deny Muslims entry into America. His enthusiasm for keeping a database of Muslims—oh, wait, he said he didn’t mean it that way. Sure.

His contradictory statements. His alleged mockery of a disabled reporter. His insufferable braggadocio and narcissism. His no-fact campaign. His simplistic non-solutions. His empty “guarantees.”  Try to pin him down on the details and his response typically is “trust me.”

I can’t. I won’t.

Supposedly vast numbers of Republicans and conservatives are eating this up, because Trump is, ummmh, a “strong leader.” They’re fed up with government incompetence and dishonesty. Sick and tired of not getting anything done—at least how they want it done. They yearn for a kick-butt boss, a drill sergeant that will knock some heads together and whip the morons into shape. Someone who can make the trains run on time. Like Mussolini.

Because most Americans are way too young to remember some recent history (is it still being taught?) they might not appreciate how “strong leaders” drove us into two world wars—one hot and the other cold. How they robbed citizens of their rights and opportunities.

Leaders who promised to end all problems, without explaining how. Autocrats who blamed easy targets for the problems, absent any introspection. Leaders who ultimately did away with the democracy. These are dangerous people who found their path into power paved by the excesses of the other side. Who will hunt for scapegoats to blame for the nation’s ills, not unlike Trump’s initiation of a Know Nothing-like movement to find culprits to blame for the nation’s problems.

Obviously, you can’t place all the blame for Trump’s success on the radical progressive agenda.

But, many Americans are fed up with it. With the far-left intolerance suffocating free speech on college campuses. With the hypocrisy of progressives who, in the name of diversity, launch a war against those who dare to think differently.

With self-satisfied academics whose hubris led them to imagine they could design a workable, sweeping and micromanaged restructuring of the health care system. With a “lead from behind” utopian foreign policy that has empowered czar-in-waiting Vladimir Putin and the multi-continental spread of violent jihadism. With the ad hominine labels (“racist,” “hater,” “homophobe” and “anti-science denier”) applied to people for trying to have a rational discussion about America’s shifting culture.

With the endless and detailed prescriptions imposed by ever-expanding government bureaus. With the determined secular crusade to drive religion into hiding. With the slander that defending life in the mother’s womb constitutes a “war on women.”

To borrow from Newton: For every zealous and extremist action there is an opposite and equally zealous and extremist reaction. Fanaticism on the left has wrought fanaticism on the right. The Tea Party, for example, emerged in response to Obama’s agenda of eliminating the “moral hazard” for debtors who had recklessly borrowed beyond their means. From the other side, some argue that President George W. Bush’s excesses (e.g. raiding Iraq) gave us Obama.

According to a dialectic view of history, human events move in an ebb and flow of action, reaction and, eventually, synthesis. But do we really have to go as far as electing Donald Trump president to reach a synthesis? Trump, his minions and now some mainstream commentators all tell us that a President Trump is a real possibility.

Can’t conservatives and Republicans (regular readers will count me among them) just dump Trump right now and move directly to a common sense, responsible and honest synthesis?

Apparently not, as Trump continues to gain in the polls. It’s as if getting Trump into the presidential race was a Democratic master plan to get one of theirs elected president.

First Trump TV ad hijacks border footage from Morocco. Chicago Sun-Times

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  • I wholly agree on the Trumpster. Except on his provenance.

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