'Chi-Town' is unacceptable

Suddenly, the use of "Chi-Town" has become acceptable usage. To be clear: Chi-Town is unacceptable. Always.  It never has been acceptable with real Chicagoans. In fact, anyone who used the term "Chi-Town" was considered to be a dolt or an out-of-towner. It's not authentic.

But here comes "Chi-Town Rising" a New Years celebration that was supposed to give this tilting-on-the-edge-of-disaster city hope. Said Tribune critic Chris Jones:

Who has not cringed at some Madison Avenue genius trying to get all hip and personal and conversational to hawk rollover minutes? Or sighed as a Los Angeles-based comedian tries to get all local? "Hey, Windy City" is probably worse, and no less common. Both are classic examples of forced intimacy that rings hollow.

There are 18,400,000 Google references to Chi-Town. And some of them link to people, events and businesses that ought to know better, such as a Harley-Davidson dealership. The increasingly ignorant use of Chi-Town makes me feel that my life-long home has been taken over by tourists, fakers and cretins.

Hint to the Chi-Town Rising sponsors. If you return next year, why not just use "Chicago Rising?"

What do you think?

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    Well and accurately said! I don't know who is behind this sneaky attempt at legtimizing the puerile Chi-town, but when I find out, I will let you know.

  • "Chicago Rising" works for me. "Tourists, fakers, and cretins"---Gotta love it.

  • For some reason, "Chi-town" does not bother me as much as "Chicagoland."

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Chicagoland was a creation of the Tribune's Col. McCormick. As a rookie at the Daily News years ago, I turned in a story that said Chicagoland instead of Chicago area. An old hand on the city desk informed me, as he scratched out Chicagoland, that using it at the Daily News was like shitting on the floor.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Chicagoland still grates on me, and I gnash my teeth whenever I see it. Even the Tribune doesn't use it anymore.

  • Even worse, "Chicagoland area." It's especially redundant and yet I always hear it from TV & radio reports who should know better.

  • Thanks, Dennis. I'm with you. "Chi-Town" is the verbal version of the tourist on the street with a huge map (or a tiny phone, these days), more absorbed by the image than his surroundings. "Chicago Rising" would be fine with me, if it's repeated.

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