It's not Donald Trump who scares the shite out of me

It's the people who fall for his authoritarian fantasies who scare the shite out of me.

Der Donald. Remind you of anyone?

Der Donald. Remind you of anyone?

Donald Trump's most recent rant about Obama being "insane" seems to have struck a chord with those who are looking for an autocrat to rescue us from the mess that Obama and his progressive and isolationist boosters have created. Yes, yes, some commentators are saying, Americans are looking for a "strong leader" when the government has proved to be so ineffective at solving our problems. So the kick-ass, take-no-prisoners, speaks-his-mind Donald Trump is pulling Americans into his camp in droves.

That's frightening.

We've seen what has happened in country after country when the calls go up for a muscular boss, like, say, Mussolini. A dictatorial state, loss of civil liberties and, ultimately more chaos and disaster. That Trump continues to gain support with his harebrained, simplistic and autocratic fantasies is bad news for our cherished American values.

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  • Scared? Man up Dennis.

    'Bad news for our cherished American values', it is the evisceration of our American values that gives Trump his appeal. There's no need for a list of complaints, your archives are rife with examples.

    He has largely defined the issues and has exposed the naked emperors. You over think his quality and underestimate the consideration of his support. 'Harebrained, simplistic and autocratic fantasies' are already running the country.

    What has the feckless establishment done? Nothing, but sell us out to a corporate plutocracy. It's time to use Trump. Time to 'bring a gun to a knife fight.'

  • And your point is?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Your response just proved my point.

    Mussolini?....You need a hug?

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