Der Donald's Brown Shirts

Der Donald Trump's insistence that he can deport some 11 million illegal immigrants "humanely" is like saying that Hitler's rounding up and shipping out millions of Jews was nice.

Trump, as usual, wouldn't be pinned down on how he would accomplish this miraculous and gracious feat. But let's think about it. First, you've got to identify 11 million people. Where do you even start?

Then you've got to put together thousands of squads of brown shirted storm troopers in sufficient numbers to capture 11 million people. Then what? Do you have to have a judicial hearing on each and everyone to ensure that you aren't shipping anyone out who doesn't deserve to be deported? Or do you dispense with any form of due process and just summarily put all 11 million in cattle cars?

As usual, Trump dodges and weaves around any question about how much this will cost, where the money will come from and how long it will take.

If Trump were just an idiot (he is that), he wouldn't be as dangerous as he is. I don't use a comparison of Trump and Hitler lightly, although it will seem way overboard to some. His appeal to masses of Americans is scary, people who haven't taken the time to think about what he's saying and promising. People who don't think about what a threat to long-held American values he is. People who react emotionally, unquestioning and admiringly to a demagogue.

Right, illegal immigrants have violated the law. They've unfairly jumped in line ahead of law-abiding people who are waiting their turn to enter America. They are a drain on our nation's resources. (I don't buy the argument that they are a net benefit.) They are taking jobs from American citizens and people who are here legally.

But Trump's solution is unworkable, unconstitutional and immoral.  And the blockheads who admire him scare me even more.

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  • The irony of watching Obama cuddle with Putin during the G20 and backing France's 'bombing the sh*t' out of ISIL should not be lost (see your post on Trump/I get along with everybody). Watching a crying left leaning Geraldo Rivera invoke 'Trump was right' only as his daughter was in danger. Nor should it be lost on the now increased criticism and state boycotts of taking in Syrian refugees that cannot be vetted, Trump warned.

    Let's not forget your defense of John McCain over Trump, McCain who called for arming 'moderate rebels'. How did that work out? 500 million in arms and training flushed down the toilet or in the hands of ISIS.

    It's also ironic how a casual browsing of this blog's archives reveals a treasure trove of criticisms that align with Trump, including illegal immigration. It appears Trump's rhetoric has catapulted many of your own values into the public consciousness. Instead of bemoaning Trump's reversion to the mammalian mind, take a shot at the impotence and corporate corruption of the Republican establishment that gave it voice.

  • Trumps values have been to use the Government to enrich his various entities at the expense of the taxpayers.

    The Republican establishment has been the only brake on Government over-reach, the kind that has been fundamental to the Obama administration. Trumps solution? More government over-reach. |

    And DB, since we've had a net out migration for several years now, wouldn't that create some huge vacuum of jobs? It hasn't, because the economy stinks. A good economy attracts more employees, and more people employed make for a good economy We need to get that right, before we are even mildly concerned with people who want to move here to get to work.

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