Some Spring Valley High School students support fired cop

And show that they respect authority. It was a courageous thing these students did in demonstrating their support for Ben Fields, the officer who was fired after he was  recorded on video flipping a disruptive female student out of her desk.

Seems some of the students said that the student was disturbing the class and refused a directive to leave. Which is the other part of the story that was ignored, kind of like the whole narrative on Ferguson that we were expected to swallow wholesale.

Here's the story.

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  • In every single story I read it was mentioned that the student had broken a rule about cell phones and was asked to leave the class. That's not in dispute in any way.

    The issue is whether a student who breaks a very minor rule -- not a law, and not a rule that put any other student at risk -- should be picked up and body slammed by a man nearly three times her size.

    The answer is of course not, there were a million better ways to handle this and the cop was fired for not choosing a better way than practically the worst way possible.

    So yes, the student should have left the class and upon eventually leaving should have faced discipline for her refusal to leave. Should she have been body slammed by an overzealous cop? Nope, and focusing on her behavior when it pales in comparison to the behavior of the cop is ridiculous.

  • Mentioned, but not fully explored. And certainly not as much as the automatic condemnation of the cop. As an old school journalist, I'd prefer that we get both sides of the story before we start judging someone, especially concluding that it's racism and that someone ought to be fired. Seems that a bunch of people who were on the scene don't agree with the automatic conclusions and the firings. Are they being interviewed by the media?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    The kids actually in the classroom, the ones filming, were horrified. The kids supporting the cop were not in the classroom. The head of the city's police department took action to fire the cop, I don't know how thorough his investigation was but I'm guessing it wasn't based on interviewing HS students who weren't actually there.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    And I'm still waiting for a full explanation of what led up to the confrontation.

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