Notorious Albany abortion clinic in Chicago closes

UPDATE: Read about how the Chicago media buried this story here.

That's according to the Pro-Life Action League, which for years has been fighting to hold the Albany Medical-Surgical Center Family Planning Associates abortion clinic accountable for its safety violations.

Such unsafe conditions, the League has argued, resulted in the deaths of four women. The League's pressure on the Illinois department of Public Health eventually led to, among other things, twelve ambulance trips from the clinic, none of which the clinic reported, as required by law.

Said the League:

It was at the prompting of the Pro-Life Action League, that the Illinois Department of Public Health conducted its first safety inspection of the northwest side clinic in August 2013. The agency discovered multiple violations related to the safety of patients. Albany repeatedly failed to resolve the problems, resulting in a revocation of its license as an ambulatory surgical treatment center in March 2015, following which the clinic paid a reduced fine of $32,000.

Eric Scheidler, the League's president, noted that the Center was sued by the family of 13-year-old Deanna Bell, who died during an abortion there in September, 1992. The same clinic was cited in the abortion deaths of 22-year-old Maria Rodrigues in 2000, Maria Leho (a mother of three) in 1999 and Nakia Jorden in 1998.

After the state found multiple safety violations at the center and the center failed to resolve its problems, its license was revoked as an ambulatory surgical treatment center in March, 2015. It paid a reduced fine of $32,000. The company's website advertised abortions up to 23.3 weeks gestation.

But the fight isn't over. League Vice President Ann Scheidler expressed a warning that the a similar facility in downtown Chicago "falls in a category of medical facilities that are unlicensed and unregulated. The health and safety of women who seek services from Family Planning Associates are at risk. This should be of great concern to the Illinois Department of Public Health."

I kind of doubt it, considering how difficult it has been to get the department to crack on abortion abuse. Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have convinced many people that their abortion clinics are safe, and no questions should be asked--if you do, you're conducting a "war on women," and you don't care about women's safety. Years ago, the Chicago Sun-Times should have abused everyone of that myth with its award-winning series, "The Abortion Profiteers,"  detailing unsafe practices at Chicago abortion clinics.

Additional details of the problems at the Albany Park clinic are detailed here

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