10 phony reasons justifying bloated public employee pensions

Richard Rider in FlashPoint goes after the long-standing myths that public employee unions and others use to justify bloated public employee pensions:

  1. "Public employees deserve high pensions because of their low pay." FALSE. Perhaps true at one time, but not anymore. In many if not most instances, today’s government employees are earning the same or more than their private sector counterparts, but with much better benefits, far superior job guarantees and more holidays.  

See the remaining nine  here.

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  • You forgot to mention one item as regards Social Security benefits.....there is actually a point in age, whereby everyone, regardless of contributions into social security, or no, during the working life, become eligible for at least the minimum social security benefit. Otherwise, I am in complete agreement.

  • Come now: crafting regulations to tormnet the public is hard work and takes a degree if imagination. If the "public servant" can't get it right at his first position, he can retire and do it again in another government post. And again. And triple dip.

    It all makes sense, but the victimized public employees will be squealing like stuffed pigs that you are a hater of regulators, clerks, shovel leaners and ghost payroll emloyees and, most of all, the Sainted Mike Madigan.

    . How can you live with yourself. Really?

  • It's tough. But I make a good act of contrition and I'm all right again.

  • I do not consider my pension to be bloated. Teachers need the support of society, we do (did) important work and signed on for the pension as part of our agreement.

    I get no Social Security, none. I also pay for my own health care.

    The problem with pensions is that politicians played games with our money and didn't make their contributions.

    I really don't understand the acrimony from Conservatives and Republicans towards teachers. But we taught you and every other child with a birth certificate and their shots and we did a heck of a good job.

  • Many people do important work and do a good job but don't receive the kind of pensions that public employees do. I don't think that you're listening; we're not acrimonious toward teachers. We don't argue that teachers didn't do a good job. But the size of public employee pensions are bankrupting the city and state. The money just isn't there. And all the public employees unions do is whine about how tough they have it instead of making a positive contribution to how to solve the problem.

    The argument that the pension underfund was caused by politicians taking the money for other purposes doesn't tell the entire story. (By the way, one of those other purposes was to support the annual state contributions to schools.) The fact that the pensions are so overly generous and couldn't be afford in the first place also contributes to the problem. Besides, where were those public employee union leaders when the people they donated campaign money to were raiding the pension funds? The people that your union dues went to help get elected were the same people who were raiding the funds. As far as the social security complaint goes, I'll make a deal. I'll give my entire social security check PLUS the paltry pension I receive from working for the Sun-Times and the Daily News for about 35 years straight up for the pension that a teacher gets for the same amount of work. On top of that, my pension is not protected by a constitutional provision that allows no fiddling with it, unlike your pension. By a provision that was sunk into the constitution during the con-con convention in the early 1970s.

  • I am glad I have my pension and I deserve it. I am grateful to the people who help me keep what I earned.

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