Poll: 18 % of likely GOP voters support Donald Trump. Who are these idiots?

A new poll says that 18 percent of likely GOP voters support Donald Trump's presidential candidacy. Can someone explain who are these idiots?

A Fox News poll found that 18 percent of the 389 likely Republican primary voters who were interviewed said they  would vote for Donald Trump, up from 11 percent who supported him in a June survey.

Maybe Donald Trump's supporters think they'll watching a comedy hour or one of those stupid reality shows, instead of a presidential campaign. Maybe they like his wig. Maybe some of them might know what the president does.

Trump is a  clown who doesn't deserve serious consideration, even though he's rallying more than his share of clown fans. The liberal media are right



that he's poisoning the entire Republican brand, in a way that not even the most wild-eyed liberal (i.e. Bernie Sanders) could taint the Democratic brand. Those of us whose political views just happen to coincide with a (very) few of his shouldn't let that stop us from rejecting him in his completely delusional self. If he happens to end of up the Republican nominee, I'll be one of the many Americans who can't stomach Hilary Clinton who'll maybe vote for her.

His attack on Sen. John McCain, as if the combat pilot had allowed himself to be captured by the North Vietnamese, is just the latest in Trump's goofiness. I won't waste anyone's time repeating his nuttiness. We'll be exposed to it every day by the joyful liberal media who will make him the face of the Republican Party.

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  • That 18% leads the field.

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