The war on milk

I didn't realize there was a war on milk until the war-on-milk proclamation arrived in my email. Thankfully, I can now arm myself with arguments listing why you should stop drinking milk--including all of its dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, sour cream and yogurt.

I'm not talking here only about people who are intolerant of dairy products--they have my deepest sympathy. But the war on milk is a war that we all should take up we're told.milk

I received my war on milk proclamation from something called American Prosperity Health, under the title "Discover 7 Reasons To Stop Drinking Milk Today, And 1 Reason Not To." Unfortunately, the link didn't work, telling my that my browser couldn't find the server.

So I undertook my own search on google, turning up a ton of reasons to stop drinking milk. (Here, here and here, and here ((graphic warning)) for example.) The reasons include its alleged "toxicity," and environmental damage. It's also supposedly "addictive" and loaded with synthetic hormones saturated fat.

After reading some of these references, it's apparent that much of it comes from vegans, people who are have concluded that all animal products must be avoided. Which seems to be something of a stretch when you considered that we're meat eaters (carnivores).

So, does anyone (besides the dairy industry) defend milk? Found one in, of all places, Mother Jones. Others are found in PCCNatural Markets, The International Journal of Epidemiology and Fox News (read it before ridiculing).

Humans supposedly are the only animal species that continues to consumer milk in adulthood, and, pray tell, not from our own species. (Here.) Okay, but I don't see horses or any other animals able to build dairies. Which suggest that we drink milk, because we can.

Whatever. No amount of reason or evidence will get me to give up my daily bowl of ice cream in the evening.

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  • I wonder if there is a food out there that some group doesn't want us to give up. I'm still drinking milk with my cereal and oh yes, ice cream at night. I wish I preferred a bowl of lettuce or carrots but, nope it has to be ice cream.

  • I'm with you, Kathy. I have milk on my morning cereal (unless I'm out of milk, then I put orange juice on my cereal, something that seems to disgust everyone. They ought to try it; it's fantastic.). Then at night I usually have a bowl of ice cream, topped with Magic Shell. I'm 73 and expect to last a few more years, but without my ice cream it wouldn't be worth it.

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