The 10 most annoying political cliches

There probably are hundreds that would make the cut. But here at the 10 most annoying political cliches according to an online poll for

  1. ‘Hard-working families’
  2. ‘Let me be clear’
  3. ‘The economic mess’
  4. ‘Long term economic plan’
  5. ‘Failed economic plan’
  6. ‘The Great [insert country/state name] people’
  7.  ‘What we’ve said is’
  8. ‘I don’t intend to give a running commentary’
  9. ‘Up and down the country’
  10.  ‘I say this’

If you didn't see your favorite there, here are the close runners-up: ‘package of measures’ and ‘we’re all in this together’

“What’s interesting about this list is how much of it is patronising, negative, wriggling or self-aggrandising.  Most contemporary political speeches are a fusion of the Hallmark cards school of poetry and bitter sniping at opponents,” said Hamish Thompson, managing director of Houston PR who set up

Polifiller describes itself as "a new online tool designed to cut the drivel and clichés out of political speeches.  Simply cut and paste a speech or statement into the box below and the “groundbreaking technology” that powers this site (aka, two bits of coconut connected by a string) will put a line through the worst clichés and emptiest lines."

I'm wondering: After Polifiller gets done with the typical  political speech, is there anything left? (Reference: Barack Obama)

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  • "I don't intend to give a running commentary." Was that Rahm in the last Chicago marathon?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:


  • You forgot the oft quoted...."My fellow Americans" Particularly when the crowd appears to be anything but made up of actual Americans.

  • Kick the can down the road
    This is Unprecedented, an unprecedented. . .
    I learned of the (scandal) in the news

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