But Hillary Clinton IS polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious

Hillary Clinton's "Super Volunteers" have issued warnings to journalists not to use certain words when writing about her.  Among them are:

  • Polarizing
  • Calculating
  • Disingenuous
  • Insincere
  • Ambitious
  • Inevitable
  • Entitled
  • Over confident
  • Secretive
  • Will do anything to win
  • Represents the past
  • Out of touch

"You are on notice that we will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism," the group notified certain reporters, including Amy Chozick of the New York Times.

But she is that, and all the more: devious, conniving, crafty, sly. Just like a whole bunch of male politicians of both parties. The words aren't sexist; or are they saying that they can't be used against women candidates, but it's okay to use them against men?

Who are these people, the Super Volunteers, anyway, to be issuing ultimatums to reporters that they can't use certain words that accurately describe a candidate? There's a word to describe them: Morons.

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  • It's a good laundry list of Ted Cruz's personality traits.

  • You are taking the "Super Volunteers" more seriously than they take themselves. As they say, "All we are is a Facebook group of Democrats. We met in 2007 and stayed connected afterwards." I don't think you Clinton haters should be too fearful.

  • You're right. They're harmless morons.

  • This is not perfectly explain.


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