Are atheists imposing their views on others?

Atheists' frequent criticism of Christianity and other religions is that they are trying to "impose their views on others." Kept your religion to yourself, communities of believers are frequently instructed by atheists.

Okay. Then perhaps atheists should follow their own advice. American Atheists have unveiled a tv commercial in which they are trying to attract (impose?) their views on others. The American Atheists’ 30-second commercial (below)  "invites those doubting their religion to join the vibrant American Atheists community...."

The group could legitimately argue that they have only issued an invitation to signup. And they'd be right. The group could legitimately argue that they're not trying to "impose" their views on others. They're just explaining themselves. And they'd be right.

So, why can't they see that Christians are doing the same thing when they invite others to join their ranks.

It's how a democracy works. It's how the first amendment works.

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  • The garden variety atheist is not about imposing views on others, but you have your atheist activists, such as the "atheist philosopher" in the western suburbs who does not believe in live and let live but elimination of religions. And the only way to do that, besides force, is to have religion legislated out of visibility and existence.

  • I am not so concerned about atheism as I am about injustice.

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