Nixon-like, Valerie Jarrett keeps an enemies list

Yet another disparaging article about President Barack Obama's most confidential advisor, Valerie Jarrett, reveals that she kept an enemies list. How like President Richard Nixon, who established his credentials as a slimy pol by keeping an enemies list.

Jarrett's list (presumably she shared it in some manner with Obama) was disclosed by Naom Scheiber, in the November 8, 2014 issue of the New Republic, a liberal magazine. ("The Obama whisperer: No one knew Valerie Jarrett's role until now.") Even among her liberal colleagues, she was an "an object of fear and scorn," according to Scheiber. She wrote:

Valerie Jarrett is not above keeping a shit list--or as hers was titled, a "least constructive" list. One progressive activist recalls Jarrett holding the document during a meeting and noticing her own name on it, along with the names of others in the room. "it was kind of an honor," the activist told me. This was not out of character for Jarrett. The woman who once resisted [former chief of staff and now Chicago Mayor Rahm] Emanuel commandment against rewarding bad behavior has often gone out of her way to suppress dissent among ideological allies and others who question the president. (A White House officials says the document was prepared by a staffer acting without orders and that it is not a common practice.)

Sure. The staffer also stuck the list in Jarrett's papers before the meeting without her knowing it.

The campaign to oust Jarrett now is in high gear and her own enemies are her own White House colleagues, Democrats and progressive. You can tell that the knives are out because this is the second working over that she has had in a major, liberal-leaning, publications in a week. Yesterday Carol Felsenthal, the always reliable and interesting political writer for Chicago Magazine, laid out in delicious detail in Politico. (I wrote about it here.)

Again, Jarrett's actions should be no surprise to Chicagoans, who for years have suffered under the autocratic rule of a Democratic machine. Jarrett and Obama were schooled in the Chicago Way and that they should bring those slimy tactics in the White House should have been expected.


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  • Nixon had nothing on these beauts, Denny.

  • In reply to PatHickey:

    Right, carrying that list prepared by a staffer is pretty much the same thing as committing felonies while President.

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