Boehner, GOP are acting like idiots on immigration reform

House Speaker John Boehner and Republicans are acting like idiots because they are about to blow the benefits they've reaped from their whipping of Democrats in the midterm elections.

Instead of spending all their time, energy and money figuring out a way to slice and dice President Barack Obama because of his unconstitutional and unilateral action to give amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants in America, they should be figuring out a way to one-up the president by passing a compromise  immigration bill. Boehner and Republicans are playing right into Obama's hands by focusing more on obstructing Obama than by solving the problem.

The first step that Speaker Boehner needs to take is to bring a bi-partisan, compromise immigration bill passed to a vote by the Senate to a vote in the House. That's something that he's been blocking for more than a year. His refusal to do so makes him look as hypocritical Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who has blocked hundreds of bills passed by the House from coming to a Senate vote.

Boehner is not allowing a vote on the Senate bill because it supposedly has enough bipartisan support to be passed. That would piss off his conservative base. But he has alternatives: Pass a bill that's similar but not identical to the Senate bill, and send it over to Reid and see if he allows a vote. If he doesn't, then he wears the collar for obstruction.

Or open up the Senate bill to a limited number of amendments in the House. That would require a conference committee to work out the differences, which could delay it until the January, when the Republicans take control of the Senate. That allow allow the GOP to  put its version of comprehensive immigration reform on Obama's desk--to sign or to veto. That would box Obama in politically because a veto would put a lie to his  rhetoric about an urgent need to reform the system.

This is the normal legislative practice, something that both sides have failed miserably to follow.

In other words use the Senate bill, which isn't all bad, to get the ball rolling, and not to fall into the trap set by Obama and Democrats to take the heat, just like they did when they shut down the government. Something, God forbid, a few of them are talking about. Those on both sides need to take a look at what actually is in the bill. Here's a detailed description of this confusing piece of legislation from the Immigration Policy Center.

If the Republicans don't move to act on immigration reform, they  give Obama the upper hand. He put it simply in Thursday night's speech: If the Republicans don't like what I'm doing, they have a simple recourse--pass legislation.

Read why Obama and Democrats are acting like idiots on Immigration reform.

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