Barack Obama offends Catholics as he pardons Thanksgiving turkey

President Barack Obama offended Catholics when he pardoned the Thanksgiving Day turkey with the Sign of the Cross. That's a sacred symbol for Catholics and millions of other believers because it stands for the Holy Trinity and the suffering and death of Christ on the cross. Those are their core beliefs, and mocking them is akin to disrespecting the Koran, ridiculing Kwanzaa or using insulting slang when referring to LGBT peoples.

C'mon, some of you might now be thinking. Let up, let it go. It was an innocent act in a light-hearted moment. Obama didn't mean to offend. It was just part of the silly, perennial White House "pardoning" of the Thanksgiving Day turkey. After all, he may not have understood the sacred meaning of the Sign of the Cross to so many.

If that was your answer, then perhaps you are finally getting it. Often things are said, written or done that are not meant to be offensive. But it still raises the hackles of the the many politically correct Americans who find insult all kinds of innocent words and deeds. Truth probably is that not all Catholics were offended by Obama's impiety, or even noticed.

But some do, so, will Obama apologize--an act always demanded by squads of political correct sensitivity enforcers? I'd guess not.

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    Dennis, it is you who are offensive and owe Catholics an apology. That video is from two years ago. While as a Catholic, I don't find the President's action offensive (and I don't give you the right to speak for all Catholics), it is dishonest (an offense against one of the 10 commandments) to drag out a video clip from two years ago just to lob an insult against a person in public life you do not like.

  • In reply to KurtV:

    He did it then and he did it now. Twice the offense. At least.

  • KurtV, are you seriously offended because Dennis accidentally showed a clip from two years ago? Get a grip. Claiming that you are offended by an honest mistake really speaks volumes to your resolve.

    If you look at the clip from last week you'll see Obama did the same thing. So the point of the posting remains the same.

    What's more perplexing is your hurt feelings got in the way of the entire point of the posting. Maybe your tears made it impossible for you to read the rest of the post.

  • "Those are their core beliefs, and mocking them is akin to disrespecting the Koran, ridiculing Kwanzaa or using insulting slang when referring to LGBT peoples."

    Except that religion is a choice, and being LGBT is a condition of biology, much more similar to skin color or any other congenital attribute.

  • So faith being a matter of choice qualifies it for ridicule or disrespect?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Why should faith be exempt from ridicule and disrespect?

    The president making the Sign of the Cross, was stupid and not at all funny. The "squads of political correct sensitivity enforcers" are hypocritical in not calling him out for it in the same way that they went after Bill Maher and Sam Harris when they criticized Islam. That said, freedom of religion doesn't grant believers freedom from being offended.

  • I didn't say that religion should be exempt. As a Catholic, I don't particularly care that Obama mocked the Sign of the Cross, and as I said I don't think many Catholics do. The point of the column is that even among those who get outraged when someone "offends," they don't seem too concerned when the offense arises from the left and is directed at certain groups that are "fair game."

    By the way, here's video the 2014 video of the "absolution." (About 5 minutes into it)

  • Catholics are not the only Christians who use the sign of the cross. Eastern Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and even some Lutherans do so. Why do only conservative Catholics feel themselves victimized by the perfidy of the President pardoning a turkey?

  • From the column: "That's a sacred symbol for Catholics and millions of other believers...."

  • So, "Why do only conservative Catholics feel themselves victimized...?"

  • Jnorto, what the heck are you talking about? You are asking a question about a topic which you brought up. Any idea how ridiculous that sounds? You had asked, "Why do only conservative Catholics feel themselves victimized" twice. You are the one that brought this notion up, not Dennis. Why are you asking him? Nowhere does Dennis claim that all Catholics are offended. Nowhere does he claim that only "conservative Catholics" are offended. And nowhere did he even bring up that he's offended. In fact he said, "I don't particularly care that Obama mocked the Sign of the Cross, and as I said I don't think many Catholics do". Like usual, you missed the point which is to mock how easy it is for people to get offended these days.

  • In reply to jonnyr:

    Hey, jonnyr, are you Dennis' alter ego or just his cheerleader? Either way, you don't make him sound more reasonable.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I know it's hard to believe that there is someone that may actually agree with him. I'm not trying to make Dennis or anyone else sound reasonable but simply trying to get you to explain yourself in a logical manner, which you can't seem to do.

    You asked a question, not once but twice. I then asked for you to clarify what you were talking about since it made no sense. I didn't make an argument one way or another and hence couldn't have given support (or not) to Dennis. If you really want to make sense, you'd argue the content of the posting. Such an argument may sound something like this, "Dennis, I disagree with your statement that Obama 'pardoned the Thanksgiving Day turkey with the Sign of the Cross.' The actual gesture he performed is done by Priests as a blessing. The sign of the cross is what a person makes themselves. Since Obama is not a priest, and the turkey is not a person, it meant nothing."

    So getting back to your original question, you wanted to know "Why do only conservative Catholics feel themselves victimized...?". What specific text in this posting gave you the impression that Dennis was making this point? Are you going to answer this specific question or are you going to deflect or just not respond at all??

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