Wait, you're saying there actually were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

The fallback response of progressives when their president, Barack Obama, is accused of lying (e.g. "you can keep your doctor")  is: President George W. Bush lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction as a justification for going to war. Now comes the New York Times disclosing that WMDs, namely chemical weapons, were discovered in Iraq years after the U.S. and allied invasion in 2003.

The point of the New York Times "disclosures," of course has nothing to do with demonstrating that Bush wasn't lying, but that the Pentagon (and by implication its boss, Bush) tried to cover up how U.S. troops were endangered when they discovered and disposed of the 5,000 (and more probably) chemical weapons and their warheads. The Times, of course, makes it a point that those weapons were manufactured before 1991 and, allegedly, with U.S. help. The Pentagon responds that the existence of those weapons was disclosed years ago, making this something of an old story.

How convenient that the patently biased New York Times ran this lengthy story just weeks before the mid-term elections, giving credibility to suggestions that it was timed to distract everyone from the Obama administration's overflowing basket of botches. I don't necessarily subscribe to that, knowing the kind of time and effort that goes into such investigations.

Yet, you might want to check out what Paul Bremer, the generally respected U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, said in response to these disclosures. (Sure, it's Fox News, but an open mind will want to hear what he said.)

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  • I thought Byrne had passed away. Oh, sorry, that was his credibility. He's a joke. The shill is still desperately trying to fabricate a favorable Bush legacy.

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