Dick Durbin: Illegal immigrants just 'happen' to be in the U.S.

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, who--Joe Biden-like--has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth did it again. But seems that no one in the media picked up on it. Or didn't think that was important or in any way revealing. Here's what he said during an appearance before the Chicago Tribune editorial board when the subject of immigration came up:

If you happen to be in the United States undocumented, here’s what the comprehensive immigration reform bill says...[my emphasis].

What, undocumented immigrants just happen to be here? They got on a train, slept past their stop and turned up in America?  They just happened to be sky diving and they landed in Arizona? They just happened to get lost and found themselves in California? They just happened to be swimming in the Rio Grande and looking for a towel, they showed up in Texas?

This is more than a slip of the tongue by Durbin. It reveals a mind and a political strategy that conveniently sets  aside the reality that millions of people broke the law by intentionally and illegally sneaking into the United States. As if through no fault of their own.

Meanwhile, the people who are legally waiting their turn are being gamed by the likes of Durbin and the lobbyists who make their living by trying to portray as uncaring louts anyone who thinks immigration "reform" (as they back it)  is unfair.



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  • They undercut those Americans whom companies and/ or individuals would actually have to PAY a proper wage not to mention their the most brown nosing people on the face of the earth and will do anything to keep their so-called jobs.

  • Dithering Dick is, was and ever shall be a mush ( rhymes with push).

  • Durbin's choice of words is appropriate. You seem to think the only undocumented people in this country are those who "sneak" across the border from Mexico. In fact, many illegals in this country came legally, but overstayed their visas. This includes foreign students, family members of those here legally, those on temporary work visas, and those who came on tourist visas.

  • My remarks apply to everyone who is here illegally, regardless of how he arrived. Anyone, except children, who are here illegally chose to be here illegally. Chance or any other happenstance that Durbin is suggesting has nothing to do with it.

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