White Sox need a new pitching coach

In addition to a new manager. (See my earlier suggestion, rant actually, that Manager Robin Ventura be replaced.)

Don Cooper is a much respected, and I dare say deservedly so, but it might be time for him to move on. You have to judge anyone's job by the results, and the near-total collapse by the pitching staff, particularly the relievers, cry out for something, anything.

Last night's 16-to-0 shellacking  of the White Sox by the Texas Rangers is the latest case in point. (The Chicago Tribune describes the drubbing here. By the way, Tribune, where the hell did you hide the box sox in your new digital format? Or did you just forget about it?) That follows a Sunday 16-to-3 mashing of the Sox by the last place Minnesota Twins that included a catastrophic 15 runs given up by the bullpen. (The ugly story is here.) Starter Jose Quintana deserved better, having given up only one run (unearned at that) in five innings.

Bringing in a relief pitcher for Quintana, ever though he seemed to be doing well (baring any injury), was another by-the-book decision by Manager Robin Venture, who seems to think that starters are pussies, but thinks nothing of working the bull pen to death, sometimes pulling a reliever after facing only one batter.

Although I couldn't bring myself to watch last night's disaster, I'm assuming that Ventura performed the same fiddling around with relievers. The box score (I had to look in the paper Tribune to find it) showed that after starter John Danks' hideous performance (9 earned runs in just over four innings), Ventura brought in recently recalled reliever Maikel Cleto, who allowed just one run in one and a third innings. By the White Sox standards, that's an admirable performance, but Ventura struck again. He brought in Andre Rienzo who give up four runs in the seventh.

What the hell is wrong with these guys? The White Sox pitchers can't all be that bad. Well, maybe they are and  no amount of tutelage by even the best coaches can make them into something they're not. Maybe it's the front office's fault for bringing these mopes to the South Side.

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  • I don't agree. Robin has actually done an amazing job of keeping them near a .500 team with a roster full of STIFFS!! Excluding Abreu, Eaton, Gilaspie and Ramierez. Konerko is a non factor now because he never plays and that I do NOT agree with. As for Cooper the starting pitching is decent for the most part with Sale an ACE. Yes the bullpen stinks and if anybody should be fired its RICK HAHN! He gave Cooper NOTHING to work with and spent millions.4 out of 9 decent hitters in your lineup will not get you to the playoffs either..

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