President Blah Blah Obama

President Barack Obama's "news" conference this evening was so bad, I was embarrassed for the man. If I had been a reporter, I would have been hard put to tell the boss what actual news this"news" conference produced. Everything he said was a reiteration, and that's not a good thing.

The problem is that Obama conducted a filibuster. By talking so long in "response" to each question, he avoided being asked some important questions, not the least of what he (the United States) would do about the growing threat to America's interests and world peace posed by the Islamic State (ISIS) that's running roughshod over the Middle East.  For all the time the spent filibustering, we heard nothing of interest or importance.

Makes me wonder why he ever called this "news conference" in the first place.

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  • President Blah Blah Obama - Now.that's a handle I can believe in!

  • the same thing could pretty much be said about this post.

  • Surely you don't expect transparency honesty and truthfulness in politics do you?.........or do you?

  • Ah, you miss those Bush one-liners.

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