More hot air from the discredited Barack Obama about beheaded American journalist James Foley

Maybe President Barack Obama in his nationally televised statement that ended a few minutes ago didn't want to disclose what he plans to do to carry out his threats to  "do what is necessary to see that justice is done" regarding the death of American journalist Jim Foley because he doesn't want the enemy to know his plans. That's standard procedure in wartime.

He said:

"The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people," Obama said. "We will be vigilant and we will be relentless."

Right. Just like in Benghazi where the killers of four Americans including our ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, are still at large. Or as presidential candidate obscura Hillary Clinton who is supposed more hawkish than Obama said, "What difference does it make?"

Beg your pardon if some of us remain skeptical of Obama's supposedly strong words, as one TV talking head called them, but ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State (whatever the name is at this moment) has been brewing for years and the Commander-in-Chief has done nothing. Now that the demonic Islamic terrorists are conducting genocide, Obama speaks out strongly.

One of the main concerns is the threat that the terrorists will retaliate against other hostages if Obama strikes back. There are reportedly some 30 hostages, including at least one American, in the hands of the satanic group.  In truth, Obama has a tough decision to make. Is the life of one American worth military retaliation? I don't know, nor would I know how to do it. But I'm not the president, who now faces a Hobson's Choice of his own making.   It will be interesting to find out if this is another of Obama's sieve-like "red lines" that must not be crossed.


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  • For a long time I thought Obama was fighting to restore dignity to the US citizens, but now that he is already gone, I know it was all hot air. Nothing to substantiate after 8 years. What a waste
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