Poll: Who do you put your money on, Rahm Emanuel or Donald Trump in the great sign face-off?

It's a battle between two gigantic egos, and one of them is going to lose.  The huge, back-lit TRUMP that the Donald is emblazoning  on his Wabash Ave. Tower has turned into national news story. On one side is Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who considers the sign to be "tasteless" and a wart on an architectural gem. Trump says its great and that will become a Chicago icon, kind of like the "Hollywood" sign.  They both may be right.

CT Trump10.jpgPerhaps the smart money is on Trump because the sign was approved by the city's bureaucratic morons and approved by the ever-vigilant City Council, which is known for not knowing what it enacts. Trump appears to have the law on his side. Emanuel appears to have local sentiment on his side (although I haven't yet encountered an opinion poll). Indeed, Emanuel seems to have changed his tune slightly, at first indicating that he would wage all-out war to have the sign removed. But a day later, saying he would make sure that such defacement would never happen again.

So, what do you think:



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