Raze Wrigley Field

Here's a guy--Cubs owner Tom Ricketts--who is willing to spend a half billion dollars of his own money to improve the beloved, but decrepit, Wrigley Field.

But at every turn, he has been stymied by a band of Lilliputians, the latest being Mayor Rahm Emaunel, put off by not being the first to view the latest set of proposed improvements. Sure, the Cubs would have been smart to genuflect before his majesty, but delaying the project even more? Come on, Rahm, grow up.

Then there are the owners of the rooftop bleachers, acting as if they had a God-given right to steal a product paid for by someone else. The Cubs never should have signed contracts with these clowns in the first place.

Ricketts has done everything within reason to get his major contribution to the city on the right path, but no, So, it's time for him to get serious:

Tear down the place, sell it to developers who'll clamor for the chance to profit from the sheep who flock to Wrigleyville, and move the team to Arlington Heights or some such place. Then we'd see how much of the crowd at Wrigley Field are real baseball fans, instead of horny singles hope to hook up at the ballpark.

Of course, this will offend the oh-so-sensitive landmarks preservation folks who, in this case, preserving a dinosaur is more important than providing what the ballpark is really supposed to be about--quality major league  baseball. Never mind that the ballpark is so ramshackle that, bringing it up to today's standards will be a near miracle.

So, here's the thing if the Cubs must stay there: Tear it all down, start over and build a replica, as close as possible to today's dump, but without all the constraints and bad stuff. Keep the great sight lines, the outfield wall vines (oh my God, they  must stay!) while building a more welcoming, efficient, comfortable and fan-friendly place.

A prediction: That will never happen because Wrigley has landmark status. Which means that any attempt to replace it with something better will fail. Or we'd get another monstrous Soldier Field, because in bowing to the landmark lads, the lakefront now is scarred by perhaps the ugliest sports stadium in the world.

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  • I remember the infamous 03' run, I went to the three playoff games in Miami. The baseball stadium was beautiful but felt contrived, like comparing a water park to a mountain river with lake and falls. Also, there was nothing around the park and the travel logistics were so bad our cab dropped us off a mile away, unlike Wrigley which has got to be the most accessible park in the league and surrounded with a bustling city neighborhood. I also believe that the rooftops add to the character of Wrigley, which many teams have tried to mimic. Arlington Hgts.? Pssft!

    There are so many head scratching topics when it comes to these owners and team, but since 03' I've been more of a Wrigley Field fan than a Cub fan.

  • Here is an idea, leave the park and move the team. Turn it into on big bar where there is no team playing. Which to say is no different than right now.

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