'It's not my boss's business'

Pro-choice groups are holding a "Not My Boss's Business" rally (see below) to support the Obamacare (the ironically named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or ACA for those of you who still think that it's a rousing success) edict that companies must pay for contraception and certain abortion procedures despite their religious (constitutionally protected First Amendment right) objections.

A question: If your contraception is not your boss's business, then why does he have to pay for it? He should just do what he or she is told and shut up.

For all the talk from the left about respecting everyone's differences and the value of diversity, the pro-choice extremists sure don't show a lot of it.

The Supreme Court has previously ruled that government must have a "compelling reason" to trample anyone's religious liberty. There is no compelling reason because contraception is widely accessible and affordable without having to hunt down and throttle the very few companies that hold these religious objections. The demands that every single company fall in line with the given edicts of  pro-choice extremists is purely vindictive.

Groups to Hold “Not My Boss’s Business” Rally for Women’s Health and Rights at Supreme Court Tuesday 9am-Noon

People’s Mic to Feature Over 25 2-Min Speeches in Opposition to Corporations that Want to Deny Employees Coverage of Birth Control

WASHINGTON, DC – Supporters of women’s health and rights, including NARAL Pro-Choice America along with Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union, National Women’s Law Center and more than 40 organizations, will host a “Not My Boss’s Business” rally at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, March 25, as the Court hears arguments in two cases brought by bosses at for-profit corporations to challenge the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that employers provide coverage for contraception as part of an employee’s health plan.


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  • Mr. Byrne has any company with religious objects publicly taken a position on prescriptions like Viagra & Cialis? Does the ACA also cover those meds?

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    In reply to Woodlawn Wonder:

    Viagra & Cialis are covered, but no one seems to have a problem with that. Medicare also covers the full cost of penis pumps, which is completely tax-funded.

    Employees work for a benefits package that includes a paycheck, health insurance, vacation time, etc. Regardless of how, via insurance or paycheck, if an employee wants birth control, they should be to acquire it. How an employee uses benefits & compensation is not up to their boss & cannot possibly be harming religious liberty. What's next, my boss tells me where I can go on vacation with the "vacation time they are forced to pay for"??

    If employers want to pick and choose health coverage, how about they give the total amount of the premium to their employees and let them choose their own coverage?

  • In reply to Jaime Chandra:

    The vacation analogy fails because a First Amendment right is not involved.

  • In reply to Jaime Chandra:

    Can you please point me to the passage in the ACA where those meds are covered? I'm having trouble finding it.

  • In reply to Woodlawn Wonder:

    Does any company have a religious objection to Viagra and Cialis? If not, why bring it up?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Apparently Arizona believes there are religious objections by employers to Viagra and Cialis. http://azstarnet.com/news/blogs/fitz-blog/fitz-arizona-to-let-employers-refuse-to-include-viagra-in/article_1f4fc7ba-6d1e-11e1-922c-0019bb2963f4.html

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Can't seem to find this story elsewhere, but no matter. The question remains, does any company have any objections? And if they do, why shouldn't that be covered under a religious objection?

    Obviously, the reason you bring this up is to imply that I don't have the same objections to religious freedom if it involves men's "reproductive rights," but that I do when it involves women. Nice try. But you'd be wrong. I have no moral objections to contraception, but I think that religious belief is a constitutionally protected right not so easily dismissed.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    I bring it up kind sir as a matter of fact gathering. Naturally I have an opinion. I simply want it to be an informed and correct one based on the facts.

    For all of the hoopla surrounding this case, I'd love for someone to ask the employers in the suit what their public positions are on those meds. Perhaps you'll be the journalist to do so.

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