Illinois Republicans deserve Oberweis

Not the rank and file Republicans who voted against him in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate nomination. Judging by the number of votes they gave to Jim Oberweis' little-known but more-qualified opponent, Doug Truax, rank and file Republicans demonstrated they wanted  little of the dairy king.

Doug Traux. He should have been the GOP Senate nominee. ( Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune)

Doug Traux. He should have been the GOP Senate nominee. ( Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune)

But they're getting Oberweis because the GOP party's leadership virtually conceded the November general election to the incumbent Democrat,  Sen. Dick Durbin. Actually, there wasn't any "virtually" about it; Republican leadership abandoned any fight for the office, lock, stock and barrel. It makes you wonder whether they actually preferred seeing Durbin return to the Senate to continue his Joe Biden imitations.

I suspect that Durbin is more vulnerable than the GOP leadership and most observers believe. His unflinching and other-worldly support of Obamacare and his various gaffes would give a credible opponent an opening for a deserved attack on Durbin's record. His attached-at-the-hip alliance with Senate Majority Harry Reid only adds to his vulnerability.

But now the Illinois Republican ticket will be headed by Oberweis, a fact that I'm sure pains the GOP leadership. They have only themselves to blame, by not recruiting a better candidate, or more immediately, but failing to support Truax.

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  • I couldn't agree more. The dinosaurs that are at the top of the Republican Party food chain greased the skids for Obama to become President, they helped Quinn get reelected. I swear, they are actually infiltrators from the Democratic Party.

  • In reply to Bankerdanny:

    No, that was the 200K union members who took Republican ballots to vote for Dillard. I voted for Truax because he was the better of the two, but still way to extreme to win the general and Oberweis will stick his foot in his mouth that will leave him far behind.

  • We live in Illinois, a very blue state. Nobody in the Republican party in Illinois can beat Durbin, his media support and the millions from the unions. As much as I despise the man, he's a shoe-in.

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