Gov. Pat Quinn's attack on working men and women

It has to be some kind of joke that Gov. Pat Quinn and Democrats are running a class war based on the supposition that they can create jobs, help the middle class and reduce unemployment.

The unemployment rate in Illinois--8.7 percent--is the third worst in the nation.

Might you think that Democrats, who have had a veto-proof majority in the House and Senate and who have occupied the governor's office for years might in some way be responsible for what's happening. They can hardly blame Republicans (or, as is their wont, George W. Bush).

I'd advise Quinn and his fellow Democrats not to take their ridiculous campaign theme to, say, Harvey, Chicago Heights, Waukegan, Round Lake Beach and other Illinois towns whose unemployment rate is well into the double digits.  Here is a chart listing them all, courtesy of Reboot Illinois:

highest jobless


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  • I absolutely LOVE the accidental governor that "He has nine houses" rant about Rauner.........priceless.

  • What's with this "class war" hyperbole? Every Chicago Tribune writer seems compelled to include it in every news story about the governor race as well as every editorial. At one time reporters at the Tribune had a high reputation for objectivity, even when the editorial policy was highly partisan.

  • There's the rhetoric: e.g. a commercial comparing Rauner to C. Montgomery Burns, the nasty capitalist on “The Simpsons” TV show. There are the policies: e.g., a special, higher tax on millionaires. An increase in the minimum wage. All designed to stir up economic and social differences. But let me ask you this: Quinn, Madigan and Cullerton have a veto-proof majority in the Illinois Legislature. If these issues are so important why haven't they done something about them? Why don't they go ahead an enact them? You know the answer.

  • Maybe what Quinn, Madigan and Cullerton are proposing are what they see as being in the best interest of the state, and not "designed to stir up economic and social differences" Maybe "class warfare" is an invented argument by the Republicans to protect the growing economic power of the rich.

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    I’d say that today’s job market is already fragile as it is. It’s quite possible that these changes they are planning might change thing for the worse. I agree, unemployment is a problem but it exists not only because we need more jobs. Employers refuse to hire inexperienced workers. I’d recommend applying for resume for high school student with no job experience if you’ve experienced this kind of problem. Officials should take some time introducing possible employer and employee, otherwise there will just be a lot of vacant positions and unemployed people.

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