Yet one more problem with Obamacare

Sign up for Medicaid under Obamacare (deceptively named the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and you could end up losing your house, car, life savings and every other asset.

Explained the Chicago Tribune:

A little-known wrinkle in the federal health insurance expansion could put at risk the house and other assets of those ages 55 to 64 should they require substantial and expensive health care treatments.

The issue arises because of a provision in the long-standing laws governing Medicaid that compel states to recoup certain medical costs after a person dies, either via liens placed on an individual's home or claims on their assets.

Before implementation of the health care law, colloquially known as Obamacare, only pregnant women, children and those with disabilities qualified for Medicaid.

Further, the asset-clawback provision typically was applied only to people with disabilities older than 55, or those in long-term care, like in nursing homes or other assisted living facilities.

Thanks, Nancy, you idiot.

Thanks, Nancy.

That's just swell. Notice that the Tribune story called this one more problem a "little-known wrinkle." Perhaps this  provision is warranted. But it is a provision that deserved a thorough debate in itself, instead of ending up as yet one more surprise hidden in the land mine called Obamacare.

One more "thing" to be learned after Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pronounced that Obamacare had to be enacted to find out what's in it. The only bigger idiots than Pelosi for saying it are the people who voted for it and the minions among the electorate and media who supported it, not because they magically knew what was in it, because their ideology and blind partisan loyalty required it.

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  • So, what has changed? Doctors, hospitals and nursing homes have always been entitled to file claims against estates of deceased patients who have not had enough insurance to be able to pay their medical costs during their lifetimes. If Medicaid pays for these "substantial and expensive health care treatments," then encourages the state to file claims against the estate to recoup some of the cost, who has been injured?

  • That's not what the story says. You might be right that this is the right thing to do (who has been injured? as you ask, although having a deceased parent in a similar situation, the point is not so lightly taken). But don't you think the issue should have been fully debated? That's my point.

  • The story says that the "problem" is with a "provision in the long-standing laws governing Medicaid," not with the Obamacare law. Should this have been debated as part of the later law?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Yes, but Ocare is responsible for vastly expanding medicaid. How many of these lucky recipients are aware of this provision?

    I was also reading this morning that the administration is going after medicaid's narrow networks that reduce medicaid cost's. To whatever extent they are successful, costs for everyone else will rise even further.

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