What will be missing in the State of the Union and State of Illinois speeches

Honesty. Clarity. Realism.

To name a few. Batten down the hatches as President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address Tuesday night and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn delivers the State of the State address on Wednesday.

But are faced with the daunting, nay, the overwhelming task of trying to charm us into believing that the states of the Union and of Illinois are just ducky. Or as they'll most likely say, "Although we're making progress, there's work still to be done."

And how.

Obama's second term has been a disaster, led by the complete flop of Obamacare (oops, I mean the "Affordable" Care Act), and followed by a litany of broken promises, missteps and failures of leadership on both the domestic and national levels. Obama will seek to divert attention by calling attention to "income inequality." Never mind the bulging irony of doing drawing out attention to that: the gap has widened, not narrowed, under his leadership.

Quinn also will have to engage in massive deflection, as Illinois continues to circle the drain. Too bad he doesn't follow the example set by Wisconsin.


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  • What will be missing in the State of the Union and State of Illinois speeches?

    A collective national thrill darting up the old gams.

  • No, I actually believe that there still are partisans out there who will feel that thrill no matter what Obama says. Witness the numbers who still think that Obamacare was a good idea.

  • Meanwhile, The Crier of the House and the rest of the Republican Party will re-assert the goal of making Obama a one term president and hope to repeal Obamacare....Ho Hum.

  • Once upon a time in the Fundamentally Transformed States of America, two men gave a speech. They saw no evil, spoke no evil, and would hear of no evil; yet they were evil.

    Eventually the grim tale ended for both the Big Kingdom and the Small Kingdom, and the good folks of both disappeared and were never seen again. The Big King and the Small King kept right on talking, even though all their subjects had fled, because all they needed was themselves to be happy.

    The end.

  • Good analogy.

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