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Another worthless 'I guarantee' from President Barack Obama

After delivering his hour-long, chewed-over state-of-the-union speech on Tuesday, President Barack Obama hit the road and issued another one of his worthless “I guarantee” promises. As the New York Daily News reported: Obama visited a Costco store in suburban Maryland to drive home the argument that businesses who pay higher wages can improve their bottom... Read more »

Vote: Should Joe Biden run for president

Joe Biden, who may or may not run for president in 2016, sent me a personal email. Here’s what he said, all of it: Dennis — I am so proud to stand with Barack tonight. If you are too, chip in $3 or more to support Democrats, and let’s go follow through:…[deleted email address for... Read more »

What will be missing in the State of the Union and State of Illinois speeches

Honesty. Clarity. Realism. To name a few. Batten down the hatches as President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address Tuesday night and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn delivers the State of the State address on Wednesday. But are faced with the daunting, nay, the overwhelming task of trying to charm us into believing... Read more »

America is not “solidly pro-choice”

The polls show it to be so, but NARAL Pro-Choice President Ilyse Hogue flies in the face of reality by dishonestly suggesting otherwise. On last week’s 41st anniversary of the Roe V. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions that together gave the green light to abortions on demand, Hogue came up with this deception: It’s... Read more »

The polar vortex is back

And so is the debate about whether the crispy, frigid temperatures that have returned (as I write this, it is 3 degrees F outside my window) are caused by global warming (er… excuse me, that term is politically incorrect. I’m supposed to say “climate change.”) Some idiots said the cold weather disproves the global warming... Read more »

Dick Durbin, Illinois' staunch pro-life senator

Does it surprise you that Democrat Richard Durbin, Illinois’ senior senator, was once adamantly pro life? That’s when he was running as a representative from a Downstate Illinois district, and before he ran for the Senate, where a switch to pro-choice position made him more electable. To suggest that Durbin bends with the wind to... Read more »

Thank these guys for your smart phone

And your iPods, laptops and a ton of other digital gadgets that you seemingly can’t do without. These four guys are instrumental in the development of the Lithium-ion battery, the widely used power source for those and many other devices. The four are John Goodenough, Yoshio Nishi, Rachid Yazami and Akira Yoshino. You might not give... Read more »

Shades of the civil rights movement: March for life in Chicago

On this Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, when we recall the difficulties the civil rights movement faced, it is appropriate to note that thousands of people marched in Chicago on Sunday for the most basic of all human and civil rights: The right to life itself. The first right enumerated in the Declaration of Independence spurred... Read more »

55 million dead Americans; do they matter?

America is missing at least 55 million people–that’s the estimated number of abortions performed in the United States since this historic Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions were handed down by the Supreme Court in 1973. They will be remembered on Sunday at the  “March for Life Chicago” that this year marks the... Read more »

Chicago to O'Hare Airport's suburban neighbors: Screw you

It’s no surprise that complaints about noise have increased dramatically from people living and working around O’Hare International Airport as a result of its expansion. Professional aviation experts, including former top Federal Aviation Administration officials hired by airport expansion opponents, had confidently predicted that additional runways, a new runway configuration and increased flights would lead... Read more »
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