Poll: Will Jay Cutler match Josh McCown's 300-yard game?

UPDATE: Cutler fell short of the 300-yard mark. Here are Cutler's stats: Passing: 31 attempts, 22 completions. Three touchdowns, two interceptions, including one in the end zone. Rating: 102.2. Still not on a par with McCown, I'd say. Whether there'd be a different game outcome, who's to say?


(Original post): No way will the NFL Chicago Bears' "starting" quarterback Jay Cutler match Josh McCown's 300-yard game. And even if Cutler could, he should yield the starting job to McCown.

Here's what McCown has accomplished this year: He has completed almost 67 percent of his passes, with a 13-to-1 touchdown to interception ration. He's third among  National Football League quarterbacks with a 109.8 rating.

What the hell does he have to do to stay as the starter?

McCown (l), Trestman and Cutler.

McCown (l), Trestman and Cutler.

Some pro sports practices I'll never understanding, and yanking a player when he's hot is right at the top of the list.

Take Major League Baseball (and fewer people seem to be). The "rule" seems to be that once a starting pitching has thrown 100 pitches he must be taken out of the game. To "save" his arm, I'm guessing. I've seen it when the game is tight and he's throwing a good game. Yet,the manager comes out, yanks the pitcher who has demonstrated that he's on his game today and brings in someone who, well, who knows how well he'll do?

McGown has demonstrated that whatever his past seasons' record says that he's hot. He's connecting with his receivers, he's running the team well, he's not throwing interceptions and--ta da!--he's done all this while not getting hurt.

Head coach Marc Trestman should start McGown and if he's ineffective, Cutler is there, on the bench, ready to come in to work his "magic."

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  • My prediction for what it's worth: Cutler will not last the first half.

  • He just got intercepted in the end zone. One can hope he's yanked before half-time. But it won't happen because stubborn is as stubborn does.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Well said. Too bad.

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