Martin Bashir is looking for work. Any suggestions?

Martin Bashir has resigned from MSNBC after trash-mouthing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

If he was forced out (and who would argue that he wasn't), I think that it's too bad. They should keep him around. Just like BashirRush Limbaugh is a favorite of lefties because he supposedly exemplifies everything bad about the right, Bashir has served the same purpose for righties.

As I have said before, we've become a nation that's too easily offended. Suck it up, folks.

As for what I'd suggest: Pair up Bashir and Palin for their own version of  Crossfire, CNN's battle of the ideologues.

Do you have any suggestions for how Bashire could make an honest living?

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  • Bashir only too elegantly put what we all have been thinking for the past five years. Since she quit her post in Alaska, Palin hasn’t run for public office but still plays the part of politician who calls her constituents “fans.” What exactly does she do other than essentially proposition her self and image to the highest bidder? Sounds like Sarah is America’s highest paid escort! See how down and dirty she’ll get for the money at

  • In reply to dregstudios:

    Ex-pols "monetizing" their time in public service seems to be a habit, rather than an isolated case of Palin doing it. That's true for pols of both parties and every political bent. Should they not do it? I don't hold it against them; it's something called free speech.

  • In reply to dregstudios:

    Your "artwork" su cks. Don't quit your day job.

  • In reply to BillW334:

    What artwork? It is my day job.

  • fb_avatar

    One of Sarah Palin's sled dogs

  • we do have freedom of speech do we not? or is it a budgetary constraint? either way it's not like he'll be homeless.

  • Seeing as AJAM is a much better network than MSNBC, perhaps now Bashir doesn't have a contract holding him back from making a move there. I know if I found out Martin had joined the AJAM team, I would abandon MSNBC altogether. I already prefer the AJAM news team, or my local NPR radio station to Morning Joe, and the crap that is the 'morning shows' on other networks as it is.

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