Chicago Bears gift NFC North title to Green Bay Packers

The play Sunday that pretty much summed up the Chicago Bears' sorry season was the fumble in the season's final game that everyone stood around looking at until a Green Bay Packer picked up the live ball and ran for a touchdown.

Hasn't every football player from the first time on the field taught that the play doesn't end until a whistle blows? Or that you don't stand around and watch a ball wiggle around on the ground without jumping on it!

Not far behind in memorable screw-ups in the game in which the Bears handed the Packers the National Football Conference North Title was the Packer's last touchdown, in which the Bears' defenders let a Packer receiver uncovered deep in the defense. Duh.

The Bears defense is pathetic because (1) the players seem to be playing another game, (2) the coaching is miserable and (3)mccaskeys  the inept McCaskey family still owns the Bears. Virginia Halas McCaskey, daughter of the Bears' founder George Halas, thinks she's doing her father an honor by keeping the team in the family. It's her plan that the family will hold on to the Bears forever and ever. Please spare us. Chicago deserves better. (Virginia McCaskey is a good and fine person, but when it comes to football….)

It's been almost 30 years since the Bears won the SuperBowl (and yet some fans continue to act as if it happened yesterday, still believing in a Bears' "dynasty.") It's been half a century since the Bears won a NFL championship, before there even was a Super Bowl. You have to go back to the 1940s, when pro football was a different game, to a period when the Bears were admirable.

(Here's the full list of Bears' pre-Super Bowl successes.19211932193319401941194319461963)

Some dynasty.

By the way, you can thank the Halas/McCaskey family for driving the Chicago Cardinals out of town because the family couldn't stand the competition.

"...a choke of epic proportions…" Steve Rosenbloom nails it.

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