Top 7 Prolife Reasons To Be Thankful

As compiled by the Illinois Pro-Life Committee 

 7.  Duck Dynasty. Yes, we said it. The popularity of Duck Dynasty went viral after the stars spoke out against abortion and highlighted their Christian family values. The skyrocketing popularity and success of their television show represents an American society that chooses to welcome a culture of life into their homes.

6.  Prolife volunteers. In 2013 we saw over 600,000 volunteers of every age actively and regularly engage in pro-life work to bring a message of life and hope to mothers and their unborn child.

5.  Secret abortions on minors are now illegal in Illinois. On July 11, 2013, Chicago's Thomas More Society successfully and unanimously won the lawsuit against the Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Law before the Illinois Supreme Court. Once considered a lost case, the best pro-life legal minds in the country united and defeated the ACLU’s 9-year battle to prevent the abortion law from taking effect.fetus

4.  Abortion restrictions are increasing across the country. In the wake of the Gosnell trial, waves of restrictions on abortion clinics have been put into effect across the country. Just this month, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear arguments against the abortion restriction laws in Texas marking another victory for the pro-life community.

3.   Business leaders refusing to fund abortion-inducing drugs. The Obama Administration's HHS Abortion Mandate backfired when over 200 plaintiffs sued the government for forcing them to pay for abortion causing drugs in their healthcare plans. Just this month, Illinois' 7th Circuit Court ruled that these businesses could not be forced into paying for abortion causing drugs against their conscience.

2.   In 2013, 40 Days for Life’s Spring and Fall campaign saved at least 1,030 babies from abortion. This was all through the efforts of local churches and communities praying, fasting, and providing loving outreach to women in crisis pregnancies.

1.   Our mothers choose life. Regardless of their situation or the amount of sacrifice, our mothers choose the gift of life. As a testament to being fully pro-life we strive to love every bit of the life we were given and share that joy and thanksgiving for life with all those around us.

Happy Thanksgiving from Illinois Right to Life Committee!

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