Reboot Illinois has exclusive details of Illinois pension deal

As of this writing, Reboot Illinois has exclusive details of the Illinois pension deal.

It will take some time to absorb all this, but it is fascinating. One thing that stuck out was that employees will have to contribute one percent less into their pension fund. How does that solve the problem?

Read the details here.

Illinois' government employee leaders don't like the deal, so it must be good for the public. Read more here.

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  • Just got done reading about public pension reform in San Jose California over at the WSJ, where the average policeman made $203,000 in total compensation last year. They are able to retire at 50 and collect 90% of their pay for life. One commenter went as far to say they feared public unions more than the nazi's, KGB and the mafia, hyperbole, but you get the point.

    One of my childhood and current best friends works for the state of Illinois and belongs to a public union. If he were pressed for a solution to Illinois's pension problems he'd have the state tax what ever it takes, from every Illinoian, to pay his extravagant package. This, from the average Illinoian who makes far less than him.

    Union workers know that their union officials and elected politicians pilfered their money, ask them, they aren't stupid. Ask your union friends and family, if they would demand the state take more of your money, if that's what it meant for them to get what they want, and watch their eyes glaze over.

    Watch them tell you 'it's for the kids', 'they were promised', or 'they could have done something else for a living', though the average private employee makes 25% less and retires 15 years later.

    So the next time you're being bullied to 'support the union workers', ask them how much they support you, ask them about all the promises life has made to you, but watch those glazed hungry eyes.

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