Obamacare robs cancer patient of live-saving health insurance coverage

Despite promises that she could keep her doctor and her insurance, Obamacare terminated her coverage.

Edie Littlefield Sundby, a catastrophic cancer patient, says in a Wall Street Journal op-ed:

My choice is to get coverage through the government health exchange and lose access to my cancer doctors, or pay much more for insurance outside the exchange (the quotes average 40% to 50% more) for the privilege of starting over with an unfamiliar insurance company and impaired benefits.

For all the blabbering by Obamacare apologists about how they are the compassionate ones and that the mean ones are horrible people who think that there's a better way to protect the health of Americans, here's a case of a cancer patient who is very real and are her troubles. All of it caused by Obamacare.

And if you need a reminder, here's Obama's promise:

During his Aug. 15, 2009 Weekly Address, President Obama repeated the lie that Americans will be able to keep their current health insurance if his health care reforms are passed.


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