France is right about crime on Chicago's South and West Sides

When France warned tourists about crime on Chicago's South and West Sides, it was only reflecting reality.

Some Chicagoans and commentators have worked themselves into high dudgeon over the French Foreign Ministry's warnings that tourists avoid visiting parts of the South Side and West Side.  I quite understand that we don't want to take the insult lying down, or accept the racial stereotype implied in the warning.

Our local pride has been hurt, and many are responding by correctly pointing out the many places on the South and West Sides that are great and safe places to visit. Some are snidely pointing out that we can do without those Frenchies if that's the way they want to be. Still more are saying that Paris--despite it's glorified reputation--isn't all that great either.

And yet… and yet...

There's this:



You can find more details about crime rates in Chicago neighborhoods by going to the Neighborhood Scout.

I once had my pocket picked on the Rome subway and I was furious that the local police don't do more about this problem that is so prevalent that the eternal city has an international bad reputation. I imagine that visitors here want to feel safe. And that they would be equally pissed if they happened into a neighborhood that they discovered, to their great regret, was unsafe.

Crime, indeed, is a problem in those neighborhoods. What it calls for is renewed determination to solve the endemic problems of single parenthood, absent fathers, fathers, gangs and violence. And for all of us, whether through out churches or civic organizations, to extend helping hands.

An interesting note: Marseilles is called "Chicago of the South" because the high number of drug-relatsed homicides.

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  • I wish your fellow Republicans would extend "helping hands" instead of voting to cut $40 billions in food stamps to impoverished families.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I think that $40 billion is over a decade. Still, $1.40 a day for food is a skimpy diet. Still, some of the cuts make sense, such as: ending government waivers that have allowed able-bodied adults without dependents to receive food stamps indefinitely and allow states to put broad new work requirements in place.

    Too bad that it's tied up in the farm bill. The two issues are separate and need to be debated separately. It's in the farm bill because it makes it harder to say no to anything because of the bipartisan habit of tossing money at the farm lobby.

  • Sorry to agree with you Dennis, but facts are facts...causes are something else, but the causes don't alter the facts...this is perhaps the central crisis of the American urban culture today

  • Ah, Mr. Bryne, we have much to discuss. Thanks for linking to my post.

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