Bill Ayers "claims" now to have written Obama's book, 'Dreams from my Father'

Long dismissed as  something of a right wingnute assertion that the violent radical leftist Bill Ayers ghostwrote Barack Obama's book, Dreams from my Father, it now appears that Ayers himself is making the claim.

Say whatever you need, Bill, to sell your own book that I can wait to buy, Public Enemy, even if it makes your old time pal outbill-ayers to be a liar. Something that the president has well demonstrated with his Obamacare promises. Or, Bill does it make you out to be a liar? Hard to tell.

In 2009 I wrote a post with a nearly identical headline to today's, in which Ayers said he had written the book. Ayers later disavowed the assertion, saying that he was only pranking some crazy right-wing lady by making the claim. (See this National Review comment.  Of my post, one commenter responded: "I'm continually astonished that the Trib sets aside valuable space for your unique blend of drivel and vitriol.")

Did Ayers lie before he told the truth? Or did he tell the truth before he lied? Or does it depend on what the meaning of lie is?

In any case, Ayers is a jerk who has managed to fool an endless stream of academics with his supposed eradication, including whomever hired him at University of Illinois at Chicago. I wouldn't be surprised if Ayers hasn't resurrected this whole question to draw attention to his book, because the truth never mattered to him in the first place.


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