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Reboot Illinois has exclusive details of Illinois pension deal

As of this writing, Reboot Illinois has exclusive details of the Illinois pension deal. It will take some time to absorb all this, but it is fascinating. One thing that stuck out was that employees will have to contribute one percent less into their pension fund. How does that solve the problem? Read the details here. Illinois’... Read more »

Bill Ayers "claims" now to have written Obama's book, 'Dreams from my Father'

Long dismissed as  something of a right wingnute assertion that the violent radical leftist Bill Ayers ghostwrote Barack Obama’s book, Dreams from my Father, it now appears that Ayers himself is making the claim. Say whatever you need, Bill, to sell your own book that I can wait to buy, Public Enemy, even if it makes your old... Read more »

13 most idiotic parents


Top 7 Prolife Reasons To Be Thankful

As compiled by the Illinois Pro-Life Committee   7.  Duck Dynasty. Yes, we said it. The popularity of Duck Dynasty went viral after the stars spoke out against abortion and highlighted their Christian family values. The skyrocketing popularity and success of their television show represents an American society that chooses to welcome a culture of life into their... Read more »

Thanksgiving humor

My wife's touching Thanksgiving gratitude for her sister

…and for all those who made her life joyful. Barbara’s sister Kathy, who is intellectually challenged, has found a loving home in a place called Harbor House in Jacksonville, Florida. This is Barbara’s letter to her family on this Thanksgiving eve, thanking them for all they have done to make Kathy’s life rewarding and beautiful.... Read more »

Thanksgiving: Is an official government holiday to thank God still OK?

Thanking God is considered to be a private act, so what business does government have creating an official holiday–Thanksgiving–specifically to thank God? Does the First Amendment prohibit the government establishment of religion and guarantee the separation of church and state? Considering the secularism and the growing hostility that’s increasing gripping the country, the question is inevitable,... Read more »

Obama's nuke deal fails to free American unjustly imprisoned in Iran

President Barack Obama  failed to secure the release of an Iranian-American Christian pastor as a condition of an Iranian nuclear deal. Saeed Abedini, 33, was imprisoned  in his native Iran in September 2012  for “undermining national security” by working to establish home-based Christian churches in Iran from 2000 to 2005. I guess that’s a capital offense in... Read more »

Supreme Court to hear challenge to Obamacare mandate to provide free contraception coverage

A victory for religious liberty The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to hear another legal challenge to President Obama’s healthcare law, this time to decide whether a corporation can refuse to pay to cover birth control drugs that violate the religious beliefs of the firm’s owners, the Los Angeles Times reported. The court will hear combined appeal of two... Read more »

Jobless rate increases in Illinois; dips in other states

The  jobless rate increases in Illinois while 16 other states were enjoying their lowest unemployment since  the start of the Great Recession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that Illinois’ seasonally adjusted jobless rate in October, 2013 was 8.9 percent, a rate exceeded only by Michigan, Rhode Island and Nevada.  That 8.9 percent was... Read more »
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