The ignorant rhetoric of pro-Obamacare apologists

How often have the defenders of Obamacare trotted out the canard that you can’t change or repeal it because it is “the law of the land”?

It was passed by Congress and signed by the president, they say, so keep your hands off of it. We’ve had an election and that’s that.

The unspoken premise, of course, is that a law once passed, and not the people, is supreme. The assumption is that you just don’t change laws once they’re passed.

That’s complete bunk. Laws are constantly being changed. Obsolete laws

An example of repealed laws.

An example of repealed laws.

get taken off the books. Laws that are flawed get amended.

And thank God they do.

Otherwise we’d still be confronted with Jim Crow laws that legalized racial segregation. No one could get a drink because Prohibition still would outlaw booze. The immigration of Italians, Poles, Jews from southern and European nations fleeing oppression, Asians and many more minorities would be greatly restricted if the Immigration Act of 1924 were still around. And obviously, if laws were untouchable, the Supreme Court would have little to do.

There have been uncounted numbers of local, state and federal laws that have been repealed (see list of repealed federal statutes here).

Those who advocate the repeal or substantive change of Obamacare ought not be regarded as reengage Americans who have no respect for the law or are unacquainted with how government works.

Hold the outraged mail about comparing Obamacare to Jim Crow laws. I picked such obvious examples as Jim Crow and Prohibition because liberal critics seem to forget about the most obvious and necessary repeals.

There’s a certain irony when liberals accuse Tea Party folks of being ignorant or extreme because they want to do the unthinkable—repeal a law that has been passed. In this case, it's the Obamacare liberals that are ignorant.

Sure, not all Obamacare apologists use this specious rhetoric, but it’d be nice if they occasionally spoke up against those who do.


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  • Let's not forget FDR, the Democrat Patron Saint of progressives, who signed the law, debated by Congress and decided by the Supreme Court, that locked up Japanese, German and Italian citizens during WWII, simply because of race. Guess that "law of the land" should still stand under progressive/liberal logic.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Excellent point. A prime example: Eleanor Clift on McLaughlin Group who keeps trying to call the GOP's attack on Obamacare unprecedented.

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