Put speed cameras on Chicago-area expressways

I've got a surefire way to lift Illinois out of its near-broke wretchedness.

It will enable all public employees to live like kings, on the payroll and in retirement. Illinois' bondholders will be paid. So, too, will the doctors, hospitals and social service workers who are owed billions by the state.


Put speed cameras on the Tri-State, Dan Ryan, Kennedy, Ike and every other interstate in sight. The state's coffers will fill up so quickly, Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford won't know whether to slip into a coma or go blind.

It came to me while reading juxtaposed articles about the state's two biggest stories: Illinois' inevitable slide into penury and the widespread grousing about speed limits. Specifically, whether to raise Chicago-area interstate speed limits to 70 mph from 55 mph, as possibly authorized by a new state law and Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plans to place speed cameras outside schools and parks.

Thanks for the idea go to the many passionate correspondents who wished me ill for supporting Chicago's speed cameras in my Oct. 15 column. But some did have a point: They argued that speed limits often are set too low, so I wondered just how they are determined.

Continue reading in the Chicago Tribune.

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  • 'The libertarian kind who thinks that a speed limit doesn't apply to him because he "knows better."'

    Careful using 'libertarian', Progressives automatically conjure an image of a gun toting Tea Party member. Not that I'm defending Tea Pot's, just don't want to stunt the self-actualization of all the 'Hell on Wheels Progressive mini-van soccer parents' out there, and you know who you are..

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