Is black-on-white crime skyrocketing?

That's the opinion of Colin Flaherty, a reporter who " has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse." A trend that he asserts the media are ignoring.

Ray Widstrand

Ray Widstrand

In this latest posting, he tells the story of Ray Widstrand of St. Paul, Minn., a white man who took an evening stroll to meet his neighbors in a black community into which he had just moved. In this post, Flaherty said,

[Flaherty] then found himself in the hospital – the victim of a vicious beating at the hands of a large black mob. Widstrand suffered broken bones, a fractured skull and permanent brain injuries.

The unprovoked beating was reported in the StarTribune, Minnesota Public Radio, CBS Minnesota and other outlets. Some of the stories I read did not mention the racial angle--that the victim was white and the attackers black. That's kind of Flaherty's point, that the media choose to downplay the race angle.

Back in the 1960s while at Marquette University's journalism school, I remember debating whether the Milwaukee Journal and other publications should publish pictures of the alleged assailants because it would supposedly reflect badly on minorities. The debate was vigorous on both sides.

By posting this story, I'm not necessarily agreeing with Flaherty; I'm only raising the issue because of its importance. If the "trend" is real, then it must be reported. And if it's not, the debate still deserves to be aired.

Even though just for posting this story, I'm prepared for the wrath that will follow.

Be sure to read further into Flaherty's story, where he talks about a widely publicized Chicago incident in which a young white woman was attacked by black youths and thrown out of a seventh-floor window. It might help you judge Flaherty's objectivity:

This same drama played out last year in a Chicago court room. A California college girl was arrested at the airport, then released into the deepest and most dangerous ghetto in Chicago.

A black part of Chicago.

Soon after her release, she was attacked and thrown out of a seven-story window. Her family sued. During the trial, a Harvard professor testified that if a white person walks through a black neighborhood, people can reasonably expect some very unreasonable violence to be visited on that person.

The professor called it Routine Activities Theory: R.A.T.

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    Hi. I think description is important. Whether black, white, hispanic, asians.. whatsoever. I wonder why calling black people black is racist. American people are not aware that most black people are committing crimes because reporters and media are "afraid?" to mention the race or color when it is black. But in most cases it is important specially when suspect is still at large. You have only discussed one of Flaherty's reporting but I hope you will read his book "White Girl Bleed a Lot" or even visit his website You can also check on this website where I got most of the reports about black on white crimes. Notice some of the titles from New Nation and compare the titles of the original link if the news.. You will see that black on white crime is skyrocketing and yet most people do not know.

  • Anila, thanks for the references. I surely will read. I wonder if any of the other visitors to this blog will?

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    For example, compare the number of times the case of Roderick Scott got national coverage with the number of times the George Zimmerman case got national coverage.

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