Christ almighty, Kuma, that's a good one

"There are people who are offended by it, but we're delighted to see that generally people seem to have a sense of humor." Luke Tobias, Kuma's Corner director of operations responding to criticism of its new burger, The Ghost.

A funny picture

A funny picture

I've emphasized "sense of humor" because the burger--served with a red-wine reduction representing Christ's blood  and topped with a unconsecrated Communion wafer-- is a humdinger.

It's been days now since the story broke, and I'm still searching for an explanation about why it's humorous. Yes, it's offensive to the Christians who believe in the Eucharist is the body and blood of Christ. But lots of things offend lots of people, and I've said before that we spend too much time looking for things to be offended about.

But I am puzzled. How this is funny? What am I not getting? Am I so far out of it that I can't laugh at someone's crucifixion or what it means to billions of people. What's going through the minds of people who think it's funny?

Kuma's is trying to get around the controversy by saying the burger is based on the heavy metal group, The Ghost. The group's meaning, according to Wikipedia, is:

The six members of Ghost mimic the Roman Catholic Church, but have reversed the image to worship Satan instead of the Holy Trinity; "We’re basically doing the Catholic Church, we just have drawn a little on the painting.", "The sort of Satanism, or devil-worship, that we want to portray in the confines of Ghost, is a very biblical version of goat worship."

Goat worship. Yep, that's a laugh riot, too.

I'm getting old so I guess I don't understand what tickles people's funny bones these days. But I can think of some other things that might.

Take the painting of the late Chicago mayor Harold Washington wearing only a  bra, G-string, garter belt

Harold Washington in undies. Now that's funny.

Harold Washington in undies. Now that's funny.

and stockings. Now, that's funny. Or at least it might be to some people, but I don't get the joke. The painting, called "Mirth and Girth," was created by David K. Nelson, a student of the Art Institute of Chicago, and hung there--until a self-appointed posse of aldermen and others who viewed the iconic mayor with reverence showed up to yank it down. Guess they didn't get it.

There was some gossip about Washington's sexual orientation, which might explain the painting. Or maybe not. I'd put up a picture here of something that might insult gays, but political correctness prevents me from doing so. Even if that something was hilariously funny at the expense of gay pride.

I am reminded of the uproar in 1987 over a photo by American artist Andres Serrano showing a crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist's urine. Nothing funny about that, except that it won the   Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art's "Awards in the Visual Arts" competition. That someone would consider it to be art? Now that's funny.

Little in life is more subjective than humor, and if Kuma's and its defenders see human in The Ghost burger, then that's their right. First Amendment and all that. Still, the rest of us can get a laugh from those think it's funny. Or clever.
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