Barack Obama, can't you shut up for just a minute

Karmel Allison, pregnant and diabetic, nearly faints as he goes on and on about how much he cares about people's health

Having done some public relations in my career, I've never understood the compulsion to have a bunch of people standing behind whoever is speaking at the podium.

I've always thought that it was an ego thing that never really impressed the reporters or the general public. After all, they've been lined up as props.

What better example do we have than President Barack Obama's press conference on Monday trying to explain away the obvious faults of Obamacare, proclaiming that he's damn mad and that means it will be fixed. (Sure. Why didn't he have it working right in the first place?)

He spoke so long that a woman prop directly in back of him just about keeled over.  Not her fault. He had spoken more than 3,300 words for more than 25 minutes when she obviously began feeling woosey, signaling to the woman next to her that she had a problem. (Begin watching the video above at about 25 minutes into it.) You can see in her eyes that she's in trouble. She was later identified  who suffers from Type 1 diabetes and is pregnant.

He joked about it, "That's what happens when I talk too long." And, "Good catch, by the way, whoever was here.  (Laughter.)" (The official White House transcript is here. See if you can read all the way through it. And then you tell me that the man doesn't suffer from an over-inflated ego.) I didn't think it was particularly funny that a pregnant , diabetic woman had to stand for almost a half hour while Obama flexed his ego.

Truly an embarrassing moment for Obama, and he probably did the best that he could under the circumstances. If it had George W. Bush at the podium instead of Barack H. Obama, we would have seen no end of the video and liberal comics would have skewered him for years.

Can't say that Obama was stupid enough to subject a pregnant, diabetic woman to a six-hour flight from the West Coast to stand behind him as a prop. But he did subject her to 25 minutes of unremitting blah, blah.  But someone on his staff did decide to fly her there and have her stand there.  And that says much about the mindset of this White House.


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  • You don't mention her tweet which thanked the President for his chivalrous attentiveness.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    And no one mentioned the sweet girl or gentlemen that actually caught Karmel.

    They must of been members of the 'middle class'..


  • If he had been chivalrous, he wouldn't have droned on and on. The man has no limits.

  • I know you don't like him and there have been presidents I have not cared for as well. That is absolutely both of our rights. However, personally I would never write this way about any of our Presidents. I really wish articles, blogs and blog comments were more civil and respectful. I know, wasting my time.

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    C'mon Kathy, I'll bet you gave ole GWB a bushwhacking at least verbally. If not him, Reagan if you are old enough. Your comment is really not believable, sorry.

  • Not long ago I was in Revolutionary Square in Havana, and instead of imagining Fidel Castro expounding for hours I had no trouble picturing Barack Obama. Same massive ego; same philosophy and same failures.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Please elucidate.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Dear Aquinas, some comparisons are self-evident for those with eyes and those with ears. Not to mention that providing elucidation for my imaginings is a little abstract.

    Go with it. You know it could be so true.

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