What is the worst decade? The '50s, '70s or now?

There is much today to make this the worst decade in memory, at least that's what a lot of younger people might think. Some of them might think that the '50s were worse, indoctrinated as they are by today's political correctness.  But if you ask me:

Woodstock Festival 1969The 1970s (which actually begins with the Woodstock Festival in the late 1960s are the worst, and unarguably the goofiest. That's why this article "Two Miserable Decades", in the Weekly Standard resonates with me. To put it succinctly, the author says that "In the 1970s " the public square became indistinguishable from an asylum."

Yet, the writer, Jonathan V. Last, makes a damned good case for this decade, finally concluding that now and the 1970s were both the worst but in different ways.



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