Mitt Romney was right; Barack Obama was wrong

From Russia to Mali to Detroit, Romney’s biggest fans say they’ve been vindicated. “Obviously, it would have been nice if any of these incidents would have occurred during the campaign.”

Most apropos this very day was his warning about Russia being our "number one geopolitical foe." He was ridiculed for it by candidate Barack Obama to the New York Times editorial writers. Maybe Obama and the Times editorial writers need to reassess and admit his mistake.

More examples are cited by McKay Coppins in BuzzFeed Politics.


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  • Thanks for reminding us what it was like in good old 1953.
    However, it's 2013. Wake up.

  • In reply to Cubfucius:

    What does this post have to do with 1953?

  • Mitt wasn't right about letting General Motors hang out to dry.

    On Russia, it is not time or wise to reboot the Cold War.

  • I don't know about rebooting the Cold War, but I do know that the Russians are having a jolly old time with us right now.

  • Our biggest political foe is Barack Obama.

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