Blame slavery for today's white Republicans

That's the suggested conclusion of a study that asserts a correlation between states that had large populations of black slaves 150 years ago and states that voted against President Barack Obama.

This is how ThinkProgress reported it:

Study Suggests Southern Slavery Turns White People Into Republicans 150 Years Later

The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution banned slavery nearly 150 years ago, yet this study suggests that the legacy of slavery continues to drive voters in areas that once housed large numbers of slaves to vote Republican:

There are plenty of variables that might explain why some people choose to be Republicans, but one has to be leery of making this kind of causative statement. In fact, one has to be crazy to believe it, but leave it to the folks at ThinkProgress to "think" of it. Again, I wish that those who express their "superior" respect for science would review such scientific principles as not confusing causation and correlation.

Such idiotic studies and the ideological thugs that give them publicity don't help foster interracial peace and understanding.


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Tags: Republicans, slavery, South, white

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