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Hear two of my Chicago favorites: Milt Rosenberg interviews Joseph Epstein

Milt Rosenberg has been informing, educating and entertaining Chicagoans and all those within reach of the 50,000-watt giant, WGN Radio, for more than three decades. He created talk show radio on the smart side, and continues today with his own podcasts at Joseph Epstein is an accomplished essayist and writer (to say the least). I regularly... Read more »

Poll: Most Americans think race relations haven't improved since Obama became president

That’s according to a an Economist/YouGov Poll. Said the poll: As for current perception of the first black President’s impact on race relations, many see no change – and many think things have gotten worse. That is particularly true of white Americans, 45% of whom say race relations have gotten worse since Barack Obama became President.  Nearly... Read more »

Retired Illinois teachers: Do you know who controls your pensions funds?

Most likely you don’t. In which case you should find this, from Corruption Busters, interesting: What is the Illinois Teachers Retirement System hiding? The Illinois legislature is working on pension reform while investor monies are walking out the back door into the pockets of politically connected folks who wired deals to obtain pension funds! Last... Read more »

Syria's Bashar Assad's immoral use of chemical weapons

America is on standby. Not as in Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By your Man.” Or as in Rob Reiner’s excellent coming-of-age movie, “Stand By Me.” Not as in “flying standby.” Or, “Please stand by, we’ll have our technical problems fixed in a moment.” No, America has become more like the dozens of neighbors of Kitty Genovese,... Read more »

Look, there's a black woman

Michelle D. Bernard,  chairman, founder, president and CEO of the Bernard Center for Women, Politics & Public Policy, explained that when Americans are walking down the street and encounter a black woman, the first thing they think is: Look, there’s a black woman. Well…yes. Just as when I see a white man walking down the... Read more »

By popular(?) demand:

my appearance on the Kudlow Report, discussing John F. Kennedy as possibly the first neoconservative president.

Eric Holder fails to fight election policies that discriminate against me

For as long as Democrats have been in charge of legislative redistricting in Illinois, my right to be represented fairly has been trampled, without a peep from the like of Eric Holder who are determined to find racism under every rock. (Slate: “Erick Holder: We won’t allow ‘open season’ on voter ID laws.”) The Constitution... Read more »

Poll: Is Chelsea (nee Bradley) Manning entitled to a sex change while in prison?

Now that Bradley Manning has been  sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified government documents to the website WikiLeaks, she*  proclaimed in a statement read on Today.  ”I am Chelsea Manning. I am female.” She announced that while in prison she will  ”begin hormone therapy as soon as possible.” And, she added,... Read more »

Thanks to Obamacare UPS is cutting back spousal health coverage

How is that better, cheaper health insurance coverage thing working out?

Join me tonight on CNBC's Kudlow Report

I’ll be a guest on CNBC’s Kudlow Report tonight (Tuesday) to discuss today’s column in the Chicago Tribune and on ChicagoNow, “On the 50th anniversary of his assassination, celebrate John F. Kennedy’s neoconservatism.” The show’s well-known host, Larry Kudlow, has been hammering President Barack Obama for ignoring the economic lessons taught by his Democratic predecessor, JFK.... Read more »
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