State Supreme Court gives the ACLU of Illinois a lesson in parenting

For 18 years, the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois successfully delayed the implementation of an Illinois law requiring a parent be notified when her daughter schedules an abortion.  On Thursday, the Illinois Supreme Court soundly rejected the ACLU’s bogus arguments, clearing the way for a moderate provision that a majority of Americans support.

Many Americans seem to find it hard to believe that any person or organization, even one as fanatical as the ACLU, could be that cruel. Yet, the ACLU reasons (i.e. wants you to agree ) that it’s for your daughter’s own good to undergo a medical procedure without your knowledge. It’s telling you that you can’t be trusted to know that your daughter plans to terminate her pregnancy; no telling what abuse you’ll inflict on her if you find out. You’re too stupid or maniacal to act in your daughter’s best interests.

Mind you, this isn’t a law that requires parental permission for a minor child’s abortion. Just knowing about it is too much for the ACLU to swallow; Lord forbid that you try to do anything about it. Under the law, a parent or a guardian would have to be notified at least 48 hours before an abortion was performed on a minor except in cases of a medical emergency, sexual abuse, neglect or physical abuse

In its desperate attempt to overturn this reasonable law, the ACLU threw everything but the kitchen sink into its arguments: It alleged that the Act is “facially invalid, violating the privacy, due process, equal protection, and gender equality clauses of the Illinois Constitution of 1970.” Wrong, the court said. Unanimously, with concurrence.

Peter Breen, attorney for the Thomas More Society thast along with the law firm of Mauck & Baker fought for the law’s preservation, noted that “during this 18-year battle, the Illinois Department of Public Health estimates that 67,928 abortions were performed on children 17 and younger. 8,789 of those abortions were performed on underage children from outside Illinois. Over these past 18 years, thousands of parents have been kept in the dark as their daughters were taken for secret abortions. A 13-year-old girl should never have to face a pregnancy alone. At a time like that, a child needs her parents the most.”

Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, this fight is about whether a parent has the right, indeed the obligation, to provide their children with loving support. To hold them and comfort them in times of their greatest need. Whether the decision is to terminate or proceed with the pregnancy, the parents can help. The ACLU would, by law, turn over the job to a school counselor or a stranger in an abortion clinic.

This has been one of the most shameful political battles in recent Illinois history, in which the radical left has sought to step between parents and children. The law has a provision for a child who fears her parents to get permission for a secret abortion from a court. But even that annoys the abortion industry: The process is too complex, takes too long and is too difficult for a child by herself. The ACLU would have it that you, the parent, the person who knows the child the best and loves her the most, are not fit for the job.

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  • "The law has a provision for a child who fears her parents to get permission for a secret abortion from a court.'

    Isn't this a case of the law stepping between the parents and the child---something you believe to be "shameful"?

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    Legal concept of parental supervision of children with government interference originated (except for criminal activity) originated in the ancient Jewish Talmud. Like the Jews before them, the Romans understood the foundation of society is built around the family. These concepts were incorporated into the Code Napoleon, which became the law of Louisiana, where I practiced law for over thirty years.
    The present debate only demonstrates how far afield we have gone as the sacred family bounds are not even considered. That we problem passing a law which only notifies the parents is shameful in itself. The family unit should be the only deciding factor in these matters and parental/legal guardian consent should be an absolute requirement for a minor to have an abortion.

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    Apologies, The first sentence should read "Legal concept of parental supervision of children without government interference (except for criminal activity) originated in the ancient Jewish Talmud.

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